Carol Marine

Carol Marine
v i b r a n t c o l o r a n d s t y l e

It was February of 2007 when I stumbled on Carol's blog, and I have been entranced by her art ever since. Colors pop, edges vibrate, and my heart races when my eyes meet her rich paintings. Uniquely styled and unforgettably composed, Carol's paintings feature bold strokes depicting a surprise of color combinations with just the right amount of ambiguity and focus.

From simple to complex composition, Carol's approach remains fresh, clean, and smart.

Even her landscapes are a lovely interpretation of a place you'd want to be.
Lush light sides and deep shadows engage the mind
to interpret and fill in with detail.

I was so inspired by Carol's work that I attempted a piece of my own in her style of composition and subject matter. It was one of the most liberating painting sessions I've had.

Carol Marine is represented by the Walley Workerman Gallery, Twinhouse Art Gallery, and the Corse Gallery & Atelier where her more detailed and large scale paintings can be found. She is also available for workshops and is a member of Daily Paintworks.

Carol Marine
B l o g W e b s i t e

V i s i t E n j o y C o m m e n t E n c o u r a g e

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